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Our purpose for the Biz Intel is to "Help Leaders be Strategic, Alert, and Proactive to ensure top organizational value. 

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If you have ever seen the cockpit of any plane, you will see a mass of gauges and digital readouts.  All of these instruments are designed to help the pilot know the status of everything that is important to know about the flight.  And along with all of this information, there are also warning lights, buzzers, beepers and flashing displays whenever there is an important deviation from the normal performance levels of all the systems on the plane.  In larger jets, there is even an instrument called the Course Deviation Indicator, or CDI.  This instrument keeps track of the correct course of the plane, and the CDI is designed to provide the pilots with a visual indication that lets them know that course correction is needed.

The CDI is the dead center of most instrument panels as is this one shown in the lite red highlight.

Business leaders who are interested in the value of their business need something to help them stay on course, too.  Unfortunately, most business leaders fly their business with no instrument panel or CDI.  They sit in the business leadership seat with no real business plan and are looking, listening and reacting as they fly their business.  There are extreme dangers during takeoff, flight, and landing, but they are confident in their abilities until even the smallest bumps disrupt business and business value.  So much business value, and businesses, are lost due to flying without instruments.

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When deciding how to introduce business owners to our business, and help them understand why we are so focused on business value, we decided the best way is to let the business owner know what the value of their business is.  Most business owners don't know:

  • The ballpark estimated value of their business.  Most have some kind of estimate, but most are way off, 

  • How business value is determined,

  • The Eight Factors that determine business value,

  • How to increase their business value - other than sales, profit, and location.

Isn't it time you found out the facts about your business.  Things (retirement, loan needs, emergencies, disability, and more...) always come when we least expect it.


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A Critical Number for a Business Owner is the Value of the business

A critical number for Biz Intel is the value of the organization.  This metric provides you with knowledge of improvement, stagnation, or failure.

One of the first things we do with our new clients is to measure the "8 Intangible Assets" of the organization which is used later to help determine the value of the organization.   Intangible assets make up 70%-80% of most organizations.  These assets are what attract buyers to your business, or drives them away, therefore they define your organization's health - a large portion of the value.  Once you complete a short questionnaire you will receive an overall score and ranking on each of the eight assets, along with instructions for interpreting your results gratis.  Later you can opt to have us prepare a full 24-page report from this summary information.  Mike would then meet with you to provide deep insight, and suggested actions, for each of these "8 Intangible Assets".

A Business with Value is a Healthy Business. 

Let Us Help You Discover Your Health.

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Biz Intel

What You Don't Plan, or Don't Track, Will Kill You

The triangle to the right is our "Golden Triangle".  The golden center represents "Value" which is the gold standard for business.  "Leadership" is the foundation for business value - but on the left of Leadership comes "Biz Intel".  The way we explain "Biz Intel" is this is the stuff that will kill you if you don't plan it, or don't track it.  


It can be the simplest  things that can kill your value - no strategic plan, poor financial tracking and awareness, no KPI's for teams, don't know cash flow,  and etc.  Yes, I know this is scary stuff to many business executives - but it shouldn't.  As a business owner or executive you should embrace these - FOR VALUE sake. 

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We are very proud of our services but not perfect, we do make mistakes - unfortunately we are human and have not been able to correct that - yet.  However, until then we want you to be happy with us.  Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, please call Mike Husman on his direct line at (803) 356-1055 so we can discuss what you are not happy about, and together figure out how we can make it right.



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Click to set up a meeting with Mike to learn more.  Everyone has important questions and situations.  We strive to listen first and then work with you to fit your specific needs and wants.

Gratis (meaning it's free)


OK.  Maybe it is not the right time.  But stay informed about organizational value & signup for Monthly Leadership, Talent and Biz Intel Updates.  

Gratis (meaning it's free)



Click here to sign up to find out how your business measures up on each of the eight factors determining organizational value.

Gratis (meaning it's free)

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