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Events Currently Available

Our Events are specifically designed to be High Value - High ROI opportunities to experience our capabilities, skills and professionalism.  We suggest you pick the event you believe to be your biggest obstacle to increased  organizational value or success. 

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Your Organizational Success Demands Top Leadership

Leadership has never been more critical to organizational success than in today's business environment.  Find and Develop the leadership you need.

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Top Talent

People Are Your Top Asset

The hiring and development of your employees can no longer be left to strategies used by your forefathers decades ago.  Build the culture and the teams your organization's success depends on.

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Business Intelligence

Biz Intel Drives Value Velocity

Organizational Value Velocity cannot be driven while blindfolded.  Your organization needs to not only know what drives your value every hour of every day, but how to use certain tools to ensure Value Velocity.

The Talent Challenge

The Talent Challenge is risk free way to see for yourself how business leaders can make better employee talent choices.  In fact, we believe once you experience what your forefathers didn’t have, “You’ll never go back to the way you were hiring – Never.”


You will experience the top employee assessment tool available to employers in the marketplace today.  The challenge is easy:

  1. You pick an employee – new or long-time employee,

  2. Online Assessment – employee completes online,

  3. You tell us what you know about employee,

  4. We tell you much more about your employee without ever meeting or talking to the employee.

Note: This assessment only assesses behaviors and motivators – not psychological.  EOC and OFCCP compliant.


Our mission is to stop business leaders hiring the same way their fathers and grandfather hired over the last 100 years.

The LINO to Leadership Strategy

The LINO (Leader in Name Only) to Leadership Strategy is the newest addition to our business transformation offerings.  Mike Husman, who developed this program, has taken leadership development to a new level.  There are four critical parts to our Leadership Development Strategy:


  • Discovery – this is all about understanding who you are, what type of leader you are and want to be, your purpose and more.  Then the second portion of discovery is really understanding who it is you will be leading,

  • Education – we found most people struggle with leadership because they really don’t understanding what leadership really is, and how to apply it appropriately.  Our very detailed leadership model and assessment provides all of the details,

  • Pre-Marriage Counseling – we have discovered that leadership is a lot like a marriage – here we are helping the leader understand what is important in this marriage to a team.  We help the leader develop a leadership strategic plan, and leader capability development plan,

  • Application – this is where the leader steps into h/er leadership strategic and capability development plan.  Leadership is not developed in a sterile lab – the only way to develop is through full immersion.

The Freedom Workshop

The Freedom Workshop is a risk-free way to learn about the present value of your business and how to improve the value of your business so your business is a Healthy Business. The Freedom Workshop is an interactive, sleeves-rolled-up sessions, dedicated to getting you back on track to gaining the freedom you deserve as a business owner. You’ll learn:

  • How to recognize when you’ve fallen into The Owner’s Trap and the steps to take to pull yourself out;

  • The three attributes of a scalable business model;

  • The eight factors that drive the value of your business;

  • The one kind of revenue that can triple the value of your business;

  • The six forms of sustainable recurring revenue;

  • The two essential elements of your marketing plan you need in order to avoid commoditization and costly price wars;

  • The one question you need to ask your customers to predict the likelihood that they will buy again in the future and refer you to others.

  • And more…

The Best Ever Talent Workshop

Employee Talent is the highest value Intangible Asset. The consequences of a poor employee choice can be very damaging to the organization. Our benchmark and assessment change your organization for the better, we like to say, “You’ll never go back to the way you were hiring – never.”

This workshop takes you step-by-step to help you implement Talent Best Practices into your organization:

Benchmark the JOB

  • Know the JOB – what is required for success in the JOB

  • Know the Culture – what is the culture of the organization

  • Know the People – who are the other people this JOB will connect with

Match the Talent to the JOB

  • JOB Fit – fit the talent to the JOB

  • Culture Fit – fit the talent to the culture of the organization

  • People Fit – fit the talent to the people s/he will work with

We Guarantee All of Our Workshops.  We Are Confident of Your Success If You Apply Our Concepts and Methods.

All of our workshops have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We are very confident our workshops will return a very high Return on Investment (ROI) if you follow and apply the concepts and methods presented.  However, if you are not completely satisfied with our services, inform us within twenty days of the occurrence and together we'll do everything to design a plan for you to get the value you paid for.

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