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Thank you for your interest to learn more about your future and present employees.    Many business leaders are not aware of their ability to know much more about their future and present employee's behaviors, motivators, acumen, and capabilities.  We like to say that too many leaders still hire and promote as their ancestors did ages ago.  It is time to experience the tools used in the 21st Century by thousands of businesses to hire, develop, train, and promote top employee talent. 

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Working Together

Top Talent

Your Biggest Asset

The triangle to the right is our "Golden Triangle".  The golden center represents "Value" which is the gold standard for business.  "Leadership" is the foundation for business value - but at the right hand of Leadership comes "Top Talent".  Without Top Talent the best Leadership in the world will not be able to improve the value of the organization.  Therefore, Leadership and Top Talent produce a very important symbiotic relationship for Business Value success. 


It is sad to say, but most leaders are still leading, managing, hiring, and training just as their ancestors did decades ago.  It is time for you to step into the 21st Century.  

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#1 Best Way to "Get Started"

Schedule a meeting with Mike Husman to learn more about our top talent capabilities and what options are available to get started with whatever best fits your specific needs, wants, desires and budget.   There are just too many options to list - Mike is an expert at discovering your needs and working with you to develop a program to fit you, and/or your organization.

Your time is valuable, so Mike will gladly give his time gratis to anyone who is interested in improving Leadership capabilities for themselves, or their company.

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#2 Best Way to "Get Started"

Our mission is to stop leaders from hiring the same way as their ancestors did many years ago.

The Talent Challenge is fun and risk-free, and even better - free - way to see for yourself how leaders can make better employee talent choices.  In fact, we believe once you experience what your ancestors didn’t have, “You’ll never go back to the way you were hiring – Never.”


Note: This assessment only assesses behaviors and motivators – not psychological.  EOC and OFCCP compliant. 


We are very proud of our services but not perfect, we do make mistakes - unfortunately we are human and have not been able to correct that - yet.  However, until then we want you to be happy with us.  Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, please call Mike Husman on his direct line at (803) 356-1055 so we can discuss what you are not happy about, and together figure out how we can make it right.



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We Do Not Provide Seminars or Lectures - We Believe They Are A Complete Waste of


Time and Money

When it comes to the development of Top Talent, we believe the best way to learn and develop Top Talent is one-on-one.   That is the reason we provide all of our training and development either through working one-on-one with a single person, or a workshop setting with only a few people (usually no more than 7 - which works well for a leadership team).

We design our  workshops around many different subjects for Top Talent.  Since our clients are mostly - business owners, and business leaders - we asked them what they wanted and then designed our workshops around their wants and needs.  Here are their most important demands and what we did to design the best workshop for our clients:

  1. "If I spend time on a workshop it has to have value worth my time."   To get the highest value and ROI we knew we could not design our workshops like other workshops.  Normal workshops provide information and methods, but really don't help much with application.  Application of the information and methods is where the high ROIs and value are produced, and normal workshops fail woefully at this due to most attendees receiving the information and then go back to the office and never apply this information.


  1. "Make this easy on my schedule."  To accomplish this we threw away the way workshops are normally delivered and schedule the workshop time according to the executive's schedule.  So therefore:

  • No Travel - all of our workshops are held virtually.  After all, we are now in the 21st century. This alone saves time and scheduling inconvenience - not to mention increased ROI due to less expense in time and travel.

  • Information and Education (white papers, charts, slides, videos, and etc.) are presented through a private portal that has all of the session's information all in one portal.  Each week a module opens with that week's material.  At the leisure of the executive, s/he reads and listens to this information the week before the upcoming session either at home or in their office.  Each weekly module is designed so the executive can review the information, and perform the activity(s), in less than a few hours (or whatever fits the client's schedule).

  • Private Meetings - all meetings with the leadership coach are scheduled around the executive's schedule.  This is where the one-on-one application to the leader's reality with h/er organization or team occurs.  

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