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When hiring or promoting people who lead others, you must be confident in your decision because making a poor manager/leader decision is one of the most consequential and expensive mistakes found in business today.
To help businesses protect themselves, we created a proprietary four-prong strategy to help you hire and promote the very best - every time.
There are four gold-standard tools used in this strategy, and every leader should possess them when hiring or promoting people who lead others:

Job Benchmark
A thorough job benchmark is developed by answering questions about required accountabilities, acumen, behaviors, and motivators demanded by the job.
Job Description
After developing the Job Benchmark development of a Job Description is much simpler.  You will find your job descriptions are much more accurate and useful when  motivators, accumen, and behaviors are included.  
Multi-Science Assessment
A multi-science assessment is required for leadership hiring decisions. When a candidate’s assessment is compared to the Job Benchmark, you have most of the information required to make an intelligent selection decision.
Interview & Selection Training
A manager must be properly trained to interview and select job candidates.  Without these skills, the likelihood of success is very low. The tools and training we provide can make every manager a successful interviewer and hiring decision-maker.
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