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Unbiased hiring is very important to every business - not only because it is the right thing to do, but also to ensure you are hiring the best person for the job.


Biased Hiring Is Bad Because

  • Bad for the culture of your organization

  • If you're biased in hiring and promotions you will likely miss Top Talent because Top Talent does not have certain skin color or any other feature that can cause biased hiring.  Top Talent comes from being the best "Fit" for the job in terms of skills, behaviors, acumen.

Has Hiring People Gotten So Bad That We Now Have Hiring Nihilism or Anarchy?

I think Malcolm Gladwell has a point.  "It is Gladwell’s belief that people are so bad at predicting who will perform well at a given role—especially based on traditional screening criteria such as resumes and candidate interviews—that one should simply concede that all hiring is essentially arbitrary. 


Gladwell explained, "Why waste time on a process that would ultimately produce a result no better than throwing darts?"

Step Up Your Hiring to UnBiased Talent & Fit - NOW!

Spend an hour with an expert who can help your organization hire for UnBIASED talent and fit.  Mike Husman (The Expert - No Not a Salesperson) will spend about an hour with you helping you discover Science-Based Bias-Free Hiring and Promotion.  No pressure - No Obligation

Set an Appointment with Mike Today
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