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Lino to Leadership Strategy

Our purpose for the LINO to Leadership Strategy is to "Help Leaders Transform Their Leadership Abilities". 


Congratulations for taking the first step to becoming a better leader.  There is nothing a leader can do that is more worthy than strive to be a better leader of people.  As you will discover, a true leader is a rare find, but most everyone can elevate themselves to the rarefied air of a true leader through some hard work.  However, you cannot get there without first getting to know yourself.


Your introduction to the LINO to Leadership Journey will be through a very thorough assessment of you, which is used to determine your leadership strengths and gaps in each of the six leadership styles.  These leadership strengths and gaps are important to know because you should lead from your strengths, and then strive to continually close your gaps to develop strengths in all six leadership styles.  You will learn that top leaders (leaders who are transformational and highly successful) have good levels of strengths in all six leadership styles.

The L2L strategy has multiple strategies, but the first strategy is discovery - understanding your strengths and gaps associated with the six leadership styles.  The first method we use to uncover these strengths and gaps is through a five science assessment.  This assessment would be used as the basis of your leadership discovery.  The information provided below is to give you a little insight into what you would experience in your leadership summary experience with Mike.  You can review all of the provided information, or you can choose at anytime to sign up which we guarantee you will not regret doing.

Please remember that this discovery summary is only a small portion of the full discovery report -the full report is over 150 pages in length.  However, this summary gives you critical information to understand what all of your leadership strengths and gaps are.  If you don't have this information you will not know what you have to do to improve your leadership skills.

Overview of L2L Strategy

Leadership Trip v2.3.png

So you can understand what discovery has to do with the entire L2L strategy, the chart above shows the basics of the Lino to Leadership Journey.  The first chapter "Discovery" is made up of the purple blocks.  This is where you see "Leader Assess" in the purple box, which is what you will be completing and reviewing a summary with your coach.  You will have an option to do the rest of this chart if you decide to invest in the full L2LS.  The gold lines all indicate input, output, or discovery in the Discovery Chapter.  There are three tools helping you discover yourself - The "LINO to Leader Assessment", a "Leader 360", and developing your "True North & Why".  You will also get to know your team, and your team's culture, a lot better than you have ever been able to through two other tools, a "Culture 360" and a "Team Assessment". All of these 5 tools will end up helping you develop the items found in the green blocks (lined up top to bottom on the right side) in the "Application" chapter. 


The "Application" chapter is made up of the green blocks and the green lines are the input, output or application in the Application Chapter.  The "Leader Strengths and Gaps" will be developed from the assessment and 360.  The "Leader Plan" will be the strategy to develop the leadership skills necessary to have good leadership capabilities in all six styles of leadership. To develop this plan it is critical to know the Team and Culture you are leading, which is developed from the "Culture 360" and the "Team Assessment" (If you aren't leading a team at this time, we will focus on your strongest leadership style and then develop the others as determined by you.)  And the "Apply & Lead to the Ideal Team" is putting all of what has been learned into Application and Leadership Coaching (Leadership cannot be learned only from books and reading, you have to learn through application and real life events - wins, failures and corrections).

What's In It For Me?  (Click Here)
  • A digital copy of the book, Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman which we use to provide leaders detailed information about the science behind leadership, and the path to a higher level of leadership,

  • A L2LS Summary Report which provides you with all of the individual recipe indices, including variances from median and rankings, that help define all 24 of your leadership strengths and gaps.

  • A L2LS  Report providing a summary description and ranking of each of the 24 leadership dimensions (Domains, Capabilities, and Styles),

    • A summary ranking of the 4 leadership domains.  Each one is defined with some other pertinent information important to understand in leadership applications,

    • A summary ranking of the 18 leadership capabilities.  Each one is defined with some other pertinent information important to understand in leadership applications,

    • A summary ranking of the 6 leadership styles.  Each one is defined with some other pertinent information important to understand in leadership applications,

  • A deep dive into the most important leadership style needed by any leader desiring to be a Top Leader - The Visionary Leadership Style.  We provide the leader with a three science Visionary Leadership Style portion of the report from our LINO to Leadership Strategy Report so the leader will experience a full understanding of the value of knowing their strengths and gaps associated with this one leadership style.

  • Over two hours one-on-one with an expert leadership coach - Mike Husman.

  • And more...

The Top 5 Benfits

Only $197 (Ends 1/25/20)

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Brief Description of Assessments Used in Discovery

Click on the button below to learn more about the assessment and the report we use for discovery. 

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Brief Description of Visionary Leadership Style Report

Click on the button below to learn more about the Visionary Leadership Style Report.  This is the "Most Liked" report.

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Brief Description of Leadership Strategy Report

Click on the button below to learn more about the Leadership Strategy Report.  This provides all of the details and metrics used to develop your leadership strengths and gaps. 

Leadership Is A Choice!

How Will You Choose?

Looking Out of a Skyscaper


The Foundation of Business Value

The triangle shown to the right is our "Golden Triangle".  The golden center represents "Value" which is the gold standard for business.  "Leadership" is the foundation for business value - therefore it is at the bottom supporting the other two important "Value Builders", Top Talent and Biz Intel.


Quality leaders are needed throughout the organization - from top to bottom - yes every person who has people reporting to them needs to be a leader - even if you just call them a crew leader or shift manager - lower level leaders can cause much more damage than the top level leader(s).  The root cause of nearly every problem an organization will experience is due to a lack of quality leadership.

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We are very proud of our services but not perfect, we do make mistakes - unfortunately we are human and have not been able to correct that - yet.  However, until then we want you to be happy with us.  Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, please call Mike Husman on his direct line at (803) 356-1055 so we can discuss what you are not happy about, and together figure out how we can make it right.



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