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Top Talent Challenge

Our purpose for the Top Talent Challenge is to "Help Leaders stop hiring like their fathers and forefathers". 


The Talent Challenge is risk free way to see for yourself how business leaders can make better employee talent choices.  In fact, we believe once you experience what your forefathers didn’t have, “You’ll never go back to the way you were hiring – Never.”

You will experience the top employee assessment tool available to employers in the marketplace today.


 The challenge is easy:

  1. You pick an employee – new or long-time employee,

  2. Online Assessment – employee completes online assessment,

  3. You tell us what you know about your employee's job behaviors, motivators, capabilities and acumen &  challenge and then challenge us to know more about your employee,

  4. We can make a friendly wager - like a cup of coffee or lunch - and we will tell you much more about your employee without ever meeting or talking to the employee.


Note: This assessment only assesses behaviors and motivators – not psychological.  EOC and OFCCP compliant.


Are you ready for the Talent Challenge?  We are!

Brief Description of Assessment Used for Talent Challenge

When reviewing this description, keep in mind how this kind of information would help you when hiring, onboarding, promoting or evaluating an employee.


Click on the button below to learn more about the assessment we use for the Talent Challenge.  This will give you insight into why we are so confident about the challenge. 

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Top Talent Is A Choice!

Let us help you choose wisely?

Working Together

Top Talent

Your Biggest Asset

The triangle to the right is our "Golden Triangle".  The golden center represents "Value" which is the gold standard for business.  "Leadership" is the foundation for business value - but at the right hand of Leadership comes "Top Talent".  Without Top Talent the best Leadership in the world will not be able to improve the value of the organization.  Therefore, Leadership and Top Talent is a very important symbiotic relationship for Business Value success. 


It is sad to say, but most leaders are still leading, managing, hiring, and training just as their forefathers did decades ago.  It is time for you to step into the 21st Century.  

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We are very proud of our services but not perfect, we do make mistakes - unfortunately we are human and have not been able to correct that - yet.  However, until then we want you to be happy with us.  Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, please call Mike Husman on his direct line at (803) 356-1055 so we can discuss what you are not happy about, and together figure out how we can make it right.



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Click to set up a meeting with Mike to learn more.  Everyone has important questions and situations.  We strive to listen first and then work with you to fit your specific needs and wants.

Gratis (meaning it's free)


OK.  Maybe it is not the right time.  But stay informed about organizational value & signup for Monthly Leadership, Talent and Biz Intel Updates.  

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Click here to sign up for the challenge and experience hiring information your forefathers never had.

Gratis (meaning it's free)

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