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Welcome!  We are  excited that you have an interest in discovering more about us, how we help leaders and business, and our services.

Value Velocity

Our Purpose: Improve Professional & Organizational Value

Our purpose with every organization is to improve professional and organizational value through improving Leadership, Top Talent & Business Intelligence.

We Offer Four Ways to Discover Our Capabilities While Improving Yourself and Your Organization

We like to meet and get to know business leaders and business owners.  But we have another goal whenever we meet leaders - to improve their value either as an individual, as an organization, or both.  Below you will find four ways to accomplish this.  One has a slight cost with a huge ROI, and the others do not cost anything.  We are looking forward to meeting you.

Method #1

The first method is very simple - talk to us.  This is the best method because we like to find out what is most important to you, and then find the best way we can help you add value with a very strong ROI while getting to know us.

You will click to Mike Husman's scheduler and schedule a day and time that works best for you to talk one-on-one with Mike.  To make your time with Mike as valuable as possible you will answer a short questionnaire before scheduling your conversation.  From this information Mike will be able to quickly drill down to what is most important to you.

Method #2

The second method is to choose one of the following top three value strategies designed to provide very powerful information, and applicable skills.  Every one of them is well worth your time.

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Your Organizational Success Demands Top Leadership

Leadership has never been more critical to organizational success than in today's business environment.  Find and Develop the leadership you need.

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Top Talent

People Are Your Top Asset

The hiring and development of your employees can no longer be left to strategies used by your forefathers decades ago.  Build the culture and the teams your organization's success depends on.

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Business Intelligence

Biz Intel Drives Value Velocity

Organizational Value Velocity cannot be driven while blindfolded.  Your organization needs to not only know what drives your value every hour of every day, but how to use certain tools to ensure Value Velocity.

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